Past Members

Guiding our growth. Inspiring our insights.

Throughout our history, our organization and its members have been privileged to benefit from the wisdom, experience, and guidance of our industry's leaders including:

  1. Frank P. Achorn, SE-ME
  2. Tim Atehy
  3. G. Cameron Bowen, Cameron Chemicals, Inc
  4. Bud Davis
  5. Rick Geise, Griffin Industries
  6. Michael Hancock, OISC Purdue University
  7. John Hardesty, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  8. Travis Hignett, TVA
  9. Walter Horn, Missouri Farmers Association
  10. Klaas Hutter, Shell Sulphur Solutions
  11. Allen Jackson
  12. Ed Kapusta, U.S. Potash Company
  13. Dale Kieffer, Smith-Douglas Company
  14. Wayne King
  15. Jim Madigan
  16. Housden L. Marshall, Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation
  17. Al Mulhall, Potash Corp
  18. Frank Nielsson, International Minerals
  19. Elmer Perrine, Allied Chemical Company
  20. Joe Prosser
  21. Paul J. Prosser, Jr
  22. John Rennenburg
  23. Joe Reynolds, Davison Chemical Company
  24. Robby Robinson
  25. Walt Sackett, Sr., Sackett and Sons
  26. Walter J. Sackett, Jr
  27. Dr. Vince Sauchelli, Davison Chemical Company
  28. Jim Schultz
  29. Joe Sharp, Spencer Chemicals
  30. John Shields, IFDC
  31. Rodger Smith, Eastern States Farmers Exchange
  32. Albert Spillman, G.L.F. Cooperative, now Agway
  33. Gary Vogen, Yara North America, Inc
  34. Ford West, The Fertilizer Institute