October 2012

October 18th, 2012

From Crop Life:

"Recruited from across Canada, a distinguished independent body selects the Manning award winners as the best of Canadian innovators. Wolf Trax founders Kerry Greenand Geoff Gyles are recipients in this year's awarding held  last October 17 in Ottawa at the 31st Annual National Innovation Awards Gala. They will be the first honorees to receive an award for agricultural innovation since 1997, and their award marks the fifth one ever for the farming industry."

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Kerry Green presented in last year's TFI-FIRT Fertilizer Outlook and Technology Conference. You  can view his presentation here.


October 4th, 2012

IPNI launched a mobile device app called Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Library.

 “This is our first venture into mobile apps, and we think this offering will generate a lot of interest by crop advisers, consultants, farmers, students, and anyone wanting help in identifying nutrient deficiency symptoms in common crops,” said Dr. Terry Roberts, President, IPNI.

Based on IPNI’s popular Crop Nutrient Deficiency Image Collection (http://info.ipni.net/nutrientimagecollection), the app contains key photos of classic nutrient deficiency documented from research plots and farm fields for 14 common crops. It also provides supporting text and illustrations of nutrient deficiencies.

 The app can be downloaded and viewed on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices. You can find the iTunes link online here.

 IPNI would like to thank our contributors for providing the images used in our collections, who are part of a worldwide network of agricultural researchers, extension staff, field scouts, and farmers.

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