June 2015

June 1st, 2015

"Walmart has reached a settlement with the state district attorney’s office to address its violation of a state environmental law.

The law, enacted in 2010, requires retailers to separate phosphorus-free fertilizers from those containing phosphorus, and to post signs describing phosphorus’ adverse effects on the environment. The signs describe how phosphorus causes excessive algae growth, endangering the water supply, and urges consumers to opt for phosphorus-free fertilizer. The law was crafted to reduce water pollution caused by excess phosphorous run-off coming from lawns into New York waters.

The Attorney General’s office investigated 18 Walmart stores across New York State, 10 of them in Western New York, and found most of them in violation of the law. Walmart must pay $98,000 in fines and has decided to stop selling lawn and non-agricultural fertilizers containing phosphorous at its New York Walmart and Sam’s Club stores, as well as to New York customers via the internet at Walmart.com."

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