Fertilizer Technology News Roundup October 2011

Fertilizer Technology News Roundup October 2011

We’ve curated this list of fertilizer technology news from IFA. Click the title to read more.

Removing phosphorus from effluent using algae? 
A New Zealand scientist has received a grant to study how algae can be used to remove phosphorus from effluent and at the same time, clean up the country’s rivers.
Source: Manawatu Standard, 6 October 2011

 ‘Climate-proofing’ crops for the developing world 

Scientists are responding to calls from African leaders for new tools to deal with the impact of climate change on food production with a series of adaptation strategies for more than a dozen crops.
Source: EurekAlert, 3 October 2011

 G20 eyes increased support for farm research 

Senior G20 officials are to meet scientists to discuss how they can boost the contribution of agricultural research to food security.
Source: AlertNet, 9 September 2011

 Nitrogen in soil cleans air 

Scientists have discovered that nitrogen fertilizer may be positive for the environment and may strengthen its self-cleaning capacity.
Source: Environmental Protection, 22 August 2011

 Examining nanotechnology for the recovery of phosphorus 

One answer to the problem of increasing amounts of phosphorus entering waterways is to recover it using nano-particle technology.
Source: Waterworld, 19 August 2011

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