Conference Reading List

Conference Reading List

Here are some articles relating to this year's conference theme- Feeding a Hungry World.

World Food Day - Hunger eclipsed by financial crisis?
Campaigners against hunger voiced frustration on World Food Day that the global financial crisis has overshadowed a food crisis which is tipping millions towards starvation.
Source: Reuters, 16 October 2011 

Food supply not keeping pace with demand
With global demand for food continuing to rise, and agriculture consuming between 70 and 82% of fresh water available globally, the UN estimates that $10 trillion needs to be invested in agricultural infrastructure globally.
Source: China Daily, 14 October 2011 

Scientists reveal plan to double the world’s food supply
Scientists have mapped the world’s agricultural land and assess that if land used for production of crops to feed animals and produce biofuels were reallocated to grain for human consumption, the number of calories per person produced by agriculture could be increased by 50%.
Source: Vancouver Sun, 13 October 2011 

The articles are taken from IFA Media Report.